Me and We; Staying You When You Become a ‘We’ |


The guys over a It’s a Man’s World always have great things going on. I don’t say this just because they offer me an outlet for my dating adventures, mishaps, and shoddy advice–I say this because they are doing what they love. There is so much respect for individuals who head out into the unknown of their dreams and dredge through regardless of what may or may not come their way.

If you’re in the Nashville area be sure to come by the Geek Media Expo and let the It’s a Man’s World crew how much you appreciate them. Until then, here is another bit I’ve written for Korey and Dave over at It’s a Man’s World.

Me and We; Staying You When You Become a ‘We’

There you are. You have deep feelings for the person you are with and the only thing you can think about is them. All. The. Time.

You desire to be around them and know what they are doing. The thought of them carrying on their daily tasks without you makes you innocently curious about what they are doing. You care so much that you just want to know so you can fill in those gaps that you are left with.

Now, you are constantly in their presence and keep yourself around them so you can see what they are doing. Seeing them in situations you did not before leaves your heart fluttering because those gaps you were looking to fill are now being filled with actual movies of the person doing the things you wondered about. Their daily routines and personal actions are now known to you and you really feel like you know this person.

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