The Tweet That Outraged The Pro-Lifers


A Wendy Davis Supporter Taking Hate in Stride

The day after elections I found myself reading through the pro-lifers’ comments who celebrated their victory over Amendment 1 in Tennessee. Most of the comments were heated and usually religiously fueled. Then I came across a poor journalistic venture on a site name Twitchy. It touted a hateful tone towards an 18 year old, Wendy Davis supporter in Texas. Her crime to rally up the internet trolls? A tweet she wrote that said “Kill all the babies”.

This site blasts the young Texan, Justina, and as bad journalism does, offers content only suitable for its bias. Twitchy, among the mob it rallied, seems to forget things like a scene in the second season of American Horror Story where journalist Lana Winters attempts an abortion via coat-hanger…among other disturbing, yet entertaining, scenarios.

What does a fictional show have to do with a young lady’s voiced opinion on Twitter? Simple; An idea and words of a sensitive issue were put out to an audience to consume. Fiction or not it is still there. And, whether you are pro-life or pro-choice doesn’t change the fact that attacking someone because of their opinion is a very watered-down version of what ISIS is doing to those who deny Islam in the middle-east (oh, that flak I will catch for that comment).

So, I decided to talk to Justina myself and let you actually hear it from the person it came from–you know, to get both sides of the story.

Is what she said inappropriate? Let’s see what she has to say, “I get that what I tweeted was insensitive to someone else’s ethical views, but some of the things people are saying are stunning. It’s counter-intuitive because I said those things when I was angry and it was meant to be dark, but they are being just as insensitive.”

And, through all of the despicable posts she receives she still addresses the very real issue that most of her bashers are missing out on.

“The idea that women might not have a choice in the future is very scary, and to me a basic infringement on human rights.”

A woman looking out for the interest and freedom of choice for another woman. She is the devil, isn’t she?

While abortion is a very sensitive issue, let’s talk about bullying, depression and suicide for a quick moment. When our favorite celebrity, Robin Williams, committed suicide we were all up in arms about the seriousness of depression and how we should not downplay the taking of one’s own life. But, when someone says something we disagree with we throw that logic right out of the window.

“The worst comment, I think was that someone told me that my tweets were emo and asked ‘How I slit my wrists’. When people downplay suicide and self harm it really bothers me, because there are so many people struggling.”

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(A dead celebrity joke is fine. An opinion for abortion is not.)

My personal favorites come from the people who are against abortion and everything Justina said yet still insist that her mother should have done the very thing they are against. This is hypocritical and downright idiotic.

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(Abortion is only okay if you disagree with someone’s opinion.)

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(Ah, yes, Barry. Simulated incest porn is just dandy.)

Justina doesn’t apologize for her comments but she shouldn’t have to. And, if anything, we should applaud her for standing up for what she believes in even though we may not believe in it. She catches endless ignorant comments for it and isn’t firing the hate back.

She leaves us with this, ” I do think a woman should have a choice and I would never urge someone to get an abortion. Also, I just feel bad that this could be giving Wendy a bad wrap. I don’t want her to be portrayed in a negative light because of me but there is nothing I can do now.”