The Allure of Nashville for Freelancers |


Since I’ve been living in Nashville for just over a year I decided to expand on ‘why’ it is a good idea for any serious freelancer to make the move to Music City. And, Justin Merino has been kind enough to let me explain my reasoning over at his site, kulturspace.

The Allure of Nashville for Freelancers

There’s a world beyond country music waiting for those who are willing to see for themselves.

It is the summer of 2013 and the retirement town I called home for the last twenty-eight years is shrinking away in the rear-view mirror of a rented SUV. I’m on a fourteen hour drive to the place I will begin my first real attempt at freelance writing; Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.

Now that I’ve been here for just over a year I realize how it is nothing like I thought it would be. It isn’t just cowboy hats and twangy music. I mean, there is a lot of that but there is just as much to offer that aren’t those things. There is a surge of music, culture, art, and fashion that is beginning to stretch beyond the rhinestone borders of the city.

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