A Lesson Taught By a Gopher Tortoise’s Shame | menrule.net


My days of settling have been left behind in Florida. I spent the better part of my life taking what I could get and found it got me nowhere. So, when I arrived in Nashville I decided that the only things I would allow for myself are the things I actually want. They have to have every single detail or I will set whatever it is that doesn’t fit my description free on the next southbound breeze. My no-settling mindset applies to everything; careers, friends, dates, and opportunities.

When I first got here I hadn’t been single in quite a while. The new feeling of actual freedom paired well with the freedom of being someone no one knows in a new place. I saw this as a great opportunity to meet women of all different types from different parts of the country or world. I knew I’d run into some winners but one in particular was as dumb as I could stand.

It was a normal day on trusty ole’ Tinder. After swiping my shame away I got a message from a girl I will call ‘Tortoise’. She held her own with my idiotic humor and even agreed to meet up with me in a couple of days. I sent her my number and got a text an hour or two later.

Is Nevada cross-breeding mammals and reptiles? Find out…