Coffee and the Fire it Lit to My Inspiration


Right before I get in the shower I take a look at my work schedule. I have three assignments and two of them are due before the weekend is over. The other one was due yesterday. I close my eyes, sigh, and start running the water. The reason I sigh is because I haven’t started any one of those articles yet.

“I’ll start them after I get out of here”, I say to myself as I step in the shower.

Next, I find myself lying on the floor of the shower. And, I lie there for the entirety of Blur’s self-titled album. From the first song until the last I lie there in the defeat of procrastination. The water even begins to cool down before I decide to get out. But, before I do I go one step further to avoid the work I need to do. Here’s what I mean:


That’s a face made out of hair on the wall of the shower. It’s a combination of my girlfriend’s hair and mine. Well, her hair is the frowning mouth. This face projects my mood due to procrastination and also shows the lengths at which I’m willing to go to not write the articles I need to.

After I saunter out of the bathroom I actually make it to my writing area. My laptop is open and glowing a welcoming glow onto the chair I need to sit in. I reluctantly sit down and pick up my phone I placed on the table. After spending an unreasonable amount of time on Facebook I get busy with another task that isn’t the article that was due yesterday. This task involves editing a photo. As proof I will include it below this paragraph.


What got me into this rut two weeks ago was the overwhelming doubt of what I am doing for a career. It’s not a ‘real job’ and I am nowhere near where I want to be as a business. It’s a period of famine after a time of feast and I’m not ready to be hungry yet. Am I even doing it correctly? I think I’ve lost my voice. Who actually reads anymore? Why didn’t I keep going in college? Is this going anywhere? I’ve killed a solid two hours and haven’t accomplished a thing. Then, it hits me; You won’t be able to afford coffee if you don’t turn these in.

That kicks me into serious overdrive. The thought of missing out on my caffeinated heaven-spot lights the largest anti-procrastination fire I’ve felt under my ass in a couple of weeks. The importance of needing coffee clears the path for other necessary reminders to pour through. They remind me that these moments of procrastination are necessary and are easier to deal with over time if I deal with them head-on. Also, I’m reminded that it takes time to switch paths in life. My writing resume before I moved here just over a year ago was non-existent. Yet now I’m writing for clients all around the world and am about to publish a book. What room do I really have to complain?

I should mention that this blog post is not further procrastination. The articles I needed to finish have been turned in and I cleaned the hair off of the shower wall. If it weren’t too late I’d drink that coffee.