Top 21 Places In The World To Enjoy A Great Cup Of Coffee |

The world drinks around 500 billion cups of coffee a year. That is a lot of coffee. With that much being consumed we should consume it to the fullest. And, by that I mean we should enjoy a cup of coffee in every town, city, state, province, or country we can. Here are some places you should look to when it comes to making the most of your coffee consumption. Here’s to 500 billion cups!

Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for a big city without the cost of, say, New York, then Chicago is the place for you. The Windy City is home to over five local coffee roasters as well as a handful of famous writers and poets (Adam Levin and Lindsay Hunter). And, as well all know, writers and poets thrive on coffee…and other vices.

(Image Source: Chicago Real Estate Daily | Condo at Riverbend high-rise  in Chicago to go on Market)

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