Wood knots or should-not’s.

Creative writing was something I did on a regular basis to flush out the demons. But, I’ve been busy doing work for clients -which I am not complaining about- that I haven’t taken the time to wander around this mind of mine and kick around some cans lying about that are full of ideas. Something has been pulling me towards writing more poetry, essays, or other creative word combinations that I can’t ignore it any longer. In the spirit of awakening that side of me I have searched through old writings of mine and found some gems that I will be posting.

One of them, To two, too. A letter to myself as Mr. Clart, is just one example of those gems. Another example is the piece below, Wood knots or should-not’sTake a short journey into my past. It’s a bit angsty.

Wood knots or should-not’s.

I’d rather be where the sun used to set.
Just feet from my door and shown through the window to my room the set shows me more than I saw before:

-The dust gathered on the tops of books.

-The footprints still on the floor.

-Threads of hair that look as if they were sewn into the cushions of the couch.

Before it gets dark is when I’d rather be where the sun used to rise. Speed into the next one so I can speed into the next.

I should stop trying to just go.
I should hurry up to the point where I can slow down.
I should write a to-do list of things I need to stop doing.
I should stop doing things I should stop doing.
I shouldn’t “should” anymore.

There’s really no hurry here.