8 Cultural Concepts We Don’t Have In America | thevoyaging.com

It’s always interesting to travel abroad and see the things other cultures do or have. When those places do or have the things your own country doesn’t it can be an eye opening experience. Here are some things that you won’t find in the United States that you may in other countries.

The Metric System

Kilometers? Liters? Meters? Celsius? You won’t see those units of measure in the United States. In the 1970’s there was a large movement toward the metric system but not a strong enough legislation to do so. The United States is the only remaining industrial nation which isn’t switching nor has plans to switch to the metric system.

ÇMastering the Metric SystemÈ av Ned V. Schimmizzi
(Image Source: Flickr | Aslak Raanes)

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