8 Most Magical Places On Earth To Visit | thevoyaging.com

Our planet has so many magically beautiful places that it really is hard to break it down to so few. When I was searching for places I asked the child inside of me what I would consider awesome. Through the curious eyes of my inner-child, I picked these eight places that inspired feelings of being placed in a fairytale or storybook setting. Some places brought out snow-covered monsters in a frozen world or castles that any child could pretend they ruled.

Here are 8 Magical places our planet has to offer.

(Image Source: Flickr | Angel Torres)

Pena Palace | Sintra, Portugal

In Sintra, Portugal, sits a castle that captures 19th-century romanticism perfectly. It originally started out as a modest sized monastery until 1842 when King consort Ferdinand II decided to turn the rubble of the former monastery into a palace the royal family would use as a summer vacation spot. The palace’s architecture is magical and it is Portugal’s most visited monuments.

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