7 Reasons You Must Travel By Train Rather Than Plane | thevoyaging.com

As a writer, traveling by train has a special allure. There is something about riding through landscapes from one place to another that allows writing to flow much more freely. Even if you aren’t a writer you can experience the benefits of traveling by train. The most attractive thing about riding the rails is the lower price when compared to to flights. Yes, it may take longer but you don’t have to pay for a hotel on an overnight haul. You can even make the journey from one place to the next as part of the vacation itself.

Unfortunately, the United States is the caboose (I had to) when it comes to countries offering respectable train travel. Who knows? Maybe in a few years the train may be just as favorable as it is in Europe and Asia.

(Image Source: Flickr | Kool Cats Photography)

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike the coal engine above, technology has come a long way to cutting emissions from train travel. Traveling by train emits the least emissions of all mass transportation per passenger mile. A plane traveling 100 miles uses 61lbs of carbon emissions while the rail system uses only 21lbs for the same distance. While this is good for the environment it is also good for ticket prices. Since its emissions are low per passenger mile it is less vulnerable to increasing fuel prices.

Why would you travel by train? See if I answered that question here.