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Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail has always been a goal of mine. And, while researching trails for this article many other places made their way to my list of places to thru-hike. The act of finishing a long, continuous trail on one shot is strenuous, demanding and, at the end of it, as rewarding as can be. It may take six or more months out in the wilderness, but that time spent away from everything can only change you for the best.

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(Image Source: Flickr | Mark A. Nakasone)

Israel National Trail, Israel

For those looking to visit Israel but wanting to stay clear of the ongoing tensions with Palestine then this is the place. Throughout the hike are locals willing to give thru-hikers a place to sleep for the night. The Israel National Trail trailheads are Dan in the north and the southernmost tip in Eilat. It is 580-620 miles of hiking through the entire country. Landscapes hikers will pass through range from biblical landscapes to modern day Israel. The trek takes 45-60 days to complete.

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