Don’t Panic! | Daily Quote (JB)


“Solutions nearly always come from the direction you least expect, which means there’s no point trying to look in that direction because it won’t be coming from there.”
Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams was brilliant. He was a script writer for Dr. Who and wrote one of the best philosophical fiction series out there: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There are so many invaluable life lessons in the first book of the series. It was tough trying to nail down one quote by him because he has said a number of interesting, yet thought-provoking things. This is the one that sits most true with me today. In the daily hustle of deadlines, it is easy to finish a project and look down the tunnel I think a response or magical moment is coming from.These are great words to keep in mind when and if you forget the most important advice throughout the entire universe: Don’t Panic!

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