A Busy Mr. Hemingway | Daily Quote (GR)


“Never confuse movement with action.”
Ernest Hemingway

For all his bravado Hemingway was right about this. Busy work is not real action. It’s a matter of drawing circles merely to draw circles. To say you have a pen in hand and you’re moving it across the paper over and over to bide time, to pretend that you’ve done something. And the thing is no one is immune to it, esp. writers. It’s the impulse to cure anxiety or to temper our bosses, to palliate society, to wave a flag just so as to say we’ve done something.To move juggle or dance like a clown, anything to keep from being perceived as idle. That is the life of most. Strange that Hemingway would promote the idea of finding a still place from which to draw the energy necessary to act.