6 Most Dog-Friendly State Parks | thevoyaging.com

Our National Parks are one of the greater things the United States has to offer. They are usually serene and always full of some kind of adventure. Even though they may be under attack they make a great place to create an adventure with man and woman’s best friend. Taking your dog with you into the beauty of these protected areas is beneficial to the both of you. Take a gander at some places that allow dogs in more areas than just campgrounds lead in by paved roads and picnic sites.

(Flickr | Jonathan Willier)

Shenandoah National Park | Virginia

There are over 500 miles of trails in the Shenandoah National Park. Of those miles, 101 of them are part of the Appalachian Trail. There are hundreds of thousands of trees which makes finding a stick for fetch an easy find. And, out of all of the trails in the Shenandoah National Park, only 20 of them are off-limits to your dog.

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