If Calvin and Hobbes Can Do It, So Can I | Daily Quote (JB)

Bill Watterson

“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic.”
Bill Watterson

I have about 90 hours of work to finish in ten days. Of those 90 hours, I knew about 75 of them four days ago. And, of those 75 hours I began working towards zero of them. 0. If something could mean more than zero that is more accurate to what my productivity has been. It is somewhat of a curse to know I do some (read: most) of my best work when it is last minute. But, it gets exhausting always thinking about the work to be done instead of doing it in a timely fashion and going about my day.

I’ll get it straightened out.

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