Different Cafe, Same Choice | Daily Quote (GR)


“Fuck it”

Yet we’ve all said it, used it as if we were the first person to coin it, secretly between our teeth when the road gets bad and we hit another door of rejection. Fuck it. “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” As Samuel Beckett wrote. Fuck it, I’ll go on and on. If that’s what it takes.
I write this in light of Josh’s quote from the previous day and in light of his epiphany at the cafe in his hometown. I have been where he was. I drank coffee with him at the same cafe. But I have been where he was at a different cafe of my own when I made the same choice so many had encouraged or either discouraged me to make. I had my own epiphany, that was to write and Fuck the rest of it.
It was the best decision I ever made.
“No failure is without success.”
Again, Anonymous.