10 Strangest Airports In The World | thevoyaging.com

On average, 8 million people fly every day. Out of those 8 million people, I’m sure around 7.9 million don’t want to spend more time in airports than they need to. Luckily there are some airports that would be better to be stranded at than others. If seeing the inside of a terminal is part of your vacation plans then make sure you see one of these places on your adventures.


Kansai International Airport | Osaka, Japan

In 1987 engineers began constructing the manmade island Kansai International is built on. It is 2.5 miles long and 1.6 miles wide–large enough to be seen from space. The island airport is about 3 miles offshore and is accessible by car, high-speed ferry, or train. Here’s to hoping the rising sea levels don’t swallow this thing in ten years.

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