A Turtle’s Advice | Daily Quote (JB)


“Turn the page, wash your hands….And, you turn the page, wash your hands….”
Filburt Shellbach

While this applies to comic books when Filburt says it, I find it much more inspirational. These days I feel like me and life are questioning one another. Not about making it to another day, but wondering if where I’m going to where I should be heading. Lately, I’ve disliked much of what I’ve written and become curious if I’ll ever put down words that are worth something more than an income. And, something magical happens…almost as if it were supposed to: another day comes around. The page turns and waking up is an instance to wash my hands of the day before. All the doubts and words I repelled from become chapters to study. Plus, it’s really good advice when I go home to Florida in February and rummage through my old Marvel Comics.

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