Snatch Your Fate Out of Thin Air | Daily Quote (JB)


“If you lack the iron and the fuzz to take control of your own life, if you insist on leaving your fate to the gods, then the gods will repay your weakness by having a grin or two at your expense.”
Tom Robbins

This is from Robbins’ book, Jitterbug Perfumeand it couldn’t be any more true. We’re living in a period where everything we want or wish to have is within any denomination of reach. Yet, more opportunity has brought more complaining, entitlement and deflection of blame instead of accepting responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We want our dream but we’d rather throw a tantrum in its direction hoping it will succumb and crawl to us. It won’t. And, the gods- whoever the hell they may be to you- will sure have a good laugh while you sit around and pout at why you are where you don’t want to be. Put your fate in your own hands. It’s as simple as snatching it out of thin air.

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