10 Most Scenic Roads in America | wideopencountry.com

Take one of these 10 scenic roads in America on your next road trip.

America is often underestimated for the beautiful countryside she has. Now is a great time to head out on a road trip and see it for yourself since gas prices are lower than they’ve been in a while. Roll the windows down, put on some George Strait,  and let the breeze of America blow through your hair on these scenic roads.

10. Pacific Coast Highway

flickr/Justin Ennis

There’s nothing like driving 123 miles of cliff-hugging highway with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing below. The Pacific Coast Highway takes you along central California’s coastline through gorgeous places like Big Sur and Morro Bay. Big Sur is where the mountains dive into the Pacific before heading into Hearst Castle where the roads mellow with oak-lined landscapes.

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