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I need your help.

I like to drink beer and enjoy going out with the guys to drink and have fun. I will admit that in the past I’ve went at it a little hard and done some foolish things (like fighting and being a jerk) but those were a few isolated incidents. However my wife doesn’t want me drinking at all. I stopped drinking for a while (several months) to appease her but recently have gone out with the guys and started drinking again. I have a group of friends that like to drink and enjoy the night with alcohol and good times.

She doesn’t know I’m drinking currently and I make sure to hide it from her when I come home.

Honestly, I want to go out and drink and have fun but know that if I tell her about it, she’s not going to be happy. So is it better to just hide it or confront her about it face to face and face wrath and possible misery at home?

Looking forward to hearing your response.”

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