TCF Presents: “Creating a Dream” // A Day with Bonnie Blue Britt |

It has been a while since I let my mind wander to things existential. The all-encompassing flood of projects has floated me away from those days I spent in ethereal thought. Just when I thought I had forgotten about those days I find them again while sitting at Bonnie Blue Britt’s kitchen table.

What brings me back is the smell of sage that has filled the house. This cleansing herb has been used to ward off any weirdness in all of the places I’ve lived before. Today I need all the cleansing I can get. I’m hungover and scanning the wood paneled walls to find anything to bring up in conversation. There’s a deer skull with a full set of antlers above the sink but I can’t connect it in any way to bring up in small-talk. My neurons are slow to make connections this afternoon. Luckily, Jake has met Bonnie before and unknowingly helps guide me into the interaction happening in the room…

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