10 Greenest Cities In The US | thevoyaging.com

What makes a city green doesn’t have parameters set by the EPA. Therefore, we’re left to base the criteria off of certain measures to their effectiveness in carbon footprint reduction. The greenness of a city is based on air and water quality, efficiency of recycling and waste management, acres of land devoted to greenspace, use of renewable energies, and access to products and services that make the green lifestyle choice a simple one. My city (Nashville) didn’t make the list, but check to see if yours did.

flickr/Katie Haughland

Austin, TX

The Music City of the Lonestar State is making moves to be carbon neutral by 2020. It may seem ambitious but they are already taking the steps to make that goal a reality. Acreage in Austin that is devoted to greenspace is impressive. They have 206 parks, 26 greenbelts, 12 preserves, and more than 50 miles of trails. Also, Austin Energy is the nation’s top seller of renewable energy.

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