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With a Little Help from My Friends |

“Josh, I need your help. I like to drink beer and enjoy going out with the guys to drink and have fun. I will admit that in the past I’ve went at it… Continue reading

Advice from Josh: Friend vs. Wife – It’s a Man’s World |

Josh Baker has decided that it’s time to dispense some advice to the public and this is the first column to do so.  If you want advice from Josh at, email him… Continue reading

From Nashville to New York to the Front Door of Love and Back, pt. 3 |

Here’s the final part of the series I sent over to It’s a Man’s World. Here are the other parts in case you missed them: A Sleeved Heart’s Approach | Part One Keep… Continue reading

From Nashville to New York to the Front Door of Love and Back, pt. 2 |

Keep Your Broken Arm In Your Sleeve(保持你的袖子里你的手臂骨折 ) – Part Two | I go the wrong direction on Broadway after exiting the ‘J’ train stop. There is a guy set up outside of… Continue reading

From Nashville to New York to the Front Door of Love and Back |

(Photo Source: New York Observer | 85 Percent of Cab Passengers Too Lazy To Turn Off Taxi TV’s) A Sleeved Heart’s Approach – Part One | I pull my luggage around the side… Continue reading

The Date of the Used Car Salesman, Actor, and Joker |

I went out on a date with a girl who isn’t my girlfriend last week. It started with ad on Craigslist where a girl was looking for a guy to set up with… Continue reading

Coffee and the Fire it Lit to My Inspiration

Right before I get in the shower I take a look at my work schedule. I have three assignments and two of them are due before the weekend is over. The other one… Continue reading

A Lesson Taught By a Gopher Tortoise’s Shame |

My days of settling have been left behind in Florida. I spent the better part of my life taking what I could get and found it got me nowhere. So, when I arrived… Continue reading

God’s Twenty Dollar Bill Bought Me a Song

Here’s another article I did for These guys are always great and never bat an eye when I went a couple of weeks without a story. That’s not something I’m proud of… Continue reading

Me and We; Staying You When You Become a ‘We’ |

The guys over a It’s a Man’s World always have great things going on. I don’t say this just because they offer me an outlet for my dating adventures, mishaps, and shoddy advice–I… Continue reading

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