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Austin City Limits: 10 Best Country Music Performances |

Some of the best performances on Austin City Limits have been from country music artists. When the pilot for Austin City Limits (ACL) aired on Oct. 14, 1974, no one knew it would become as iconic… Continue reading

8 Best Country Music Star Appearances on The Simpsons |

Many country music icons have guest starred on The Simpsons, one of the American television’s longest-running shows. The Simpsons started as a 60-second, animated bumper for The Tracy Ulman Show. The shorts were then… Continue reading

The Secret Talents of Your Favorite Country Music Stars |

Our favorite country stars have more talent than we get to see on stage. Here are 15 artists who have unique skills.  15.) Martina McBride, Party Planner flickr/tncountryfan Martina McBride’s love for all… Continue reading

10 Best Saturday Night Live Performances by Country Stars |

Country music stars are no strangers to the Saturday Night Live stage. These acting and musical performances are our favorites in the show’s 40-year history. 10. Blake Shelton, 2015 There hadn’t been a country… Continue reading

Felipe Delgadillo’s ‘All Welcome Records’ is Where All Creativity is Welcome

It is a Florida summer in 2012. The windows of my downtown studio are open and I am looking down 14th Avenue from the dining room bench. Mid-lunch my phone rings and it… Continue reading

On The Banks of Nashville’s Sound | A feature with Ezra Carey

(Photo Copyright Tony Hayes of Verve Studios Photography, 2014) It’s a surprisingly slow day at The Pharmacy when I walk in to meet my girlfriend for lunch. I see Ezra sitting at the bar… Continue reading

Introducing Whissell

I’m sitting on the couch in the home studio of Cody Clark. We’re drinking Calumet bourbon over an ice ball as he gives me a peek at the newest artist he is managing… Continue reading