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TCF Presents: “Creating a Dream” // A Day with Bonnie Blue Britt |

It has been a while since I let my mind wander to things existential. The all-encompassing flood of projects has floated me away from those days I spent in ethereal thought. Just when… Continue reading

10 Beers You’re Allowed to Drink at a Country Concert |

flickr/Lee Winder Blend in at country concerts with these beers. Country concerts are a popular spot for crowds of domestic beer drinking country folk. Drinking a Guiness or Tecate can cause you to… Continue reading

Finding Something Out of Nothing | An Interview with Seth Prestwood

This story was supposed to run some time ago on This City’s Full. Almost a year ago to be exact. So, I took the liberty to finally give Seth Prestwood some credit where… Continue reading

The Secret Talents of Your Favorite Country Music Stars |

Our favorite country stars have more talent than we get to see on stage. Here are 15 artists who have unique skills.  15.) Martina McBride, Party Planner flickr/tncountryfan Martina McBride’s love for all… Continue reading

10 Best Saturday Night Live Performances by Country Stars |

Country music stars are no strangers to the Saturday Night Live stage. These acting and musical performances are our favorites in the show’s 40-year history. 10. Blake Shelton, 2015 There hadn’t been a country… Continue reading

Felipe Delgadillo’s ‘All Welcome Records’ is Where All Creativity is Welcome

It is a Florida summer in 2012. The windows of my downtown studio are open and I am looking down 14th Avenue from the dining room bench. Mid-lunch my phone rings and it… Continue reading

On The Banks of Nashville’s Sound | A feature with Ezra Carey

(Photo Copyright Tony Hayes of Verve Studios Photography, 2014) It’s a surprisingly slow day at The Pharmacy when I walk in to meet my girlfriend for lunch. I see Ezra sitting at the bar… Continue reading

6 Things A Freelancer is Other Than “The Work” |

IT IS THE PROPER MIX OF BUSINESS AND ART TO BE SUCCESSFUL. I never thought a Business class in college could ever serve me well. So, I never took one but wish I… Continue reading

How a Cotton Turkey Changed My Life |

A philosophical reasoning behind keeping art in public schools When I entered 3rd grade the elementary school I attended had just built a new area for for the music and art department. By… Continue reading

“I Just Keep Coming Up” | An Interview with Mary Branson

One month ago my girlfriend gave me a lead about a colorful lady selling The Contributor at a four-way stop down the road from her townhome. This lovely vendor always refers to her… Continue reading